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Our Specialty cakes are 9", 2 layer made to order. They can be ordered in lemon, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, carrot, coconut, orange. All cakes come with buttercream unless whip is requested. Order online and pick up in-store only.


  • At Olga's, our Specialty Cakes are a true testament to our dedication to quality and flavor, each one meticulously made to order to suit your unique taste. Each cake is a 9", and 2 layers. Choose from an exquisite array of flavors, including the zesty and refreshing Lemon, the sweet and luscious Strawberry, the classic and timeless Vanilla, and the rich, indulgent Chocolate. For those who love a bit of a twist, we offer the moist and flavorful Carrot, the tropical delight of Coconut, and the vibrant zest of Orange.

    Each of our Specialty Cakes is generously adorned with our signature, velvety-smooth buttercream, providing the perfect complement to our moist and flavorful cakes. Prefer a lighter touch? Simply request our delightful whipped cream frosting for a cloud-like finish. Whatever your choice, our Specialty Cakes promise a delicious and memorable experience, crafted with love and attention to detail to ensure your utmost satisfaction. Indulge in a cake that not only tastes amazing but also reflects the care and artistry of our skilled bakers.

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